From just-in-time coaching solutions to longer engagements, we meet leaders where they are now and help them get to where they want to be.

CoachNOW: Just-in-Time Coaching

Even after investing in leadership training, organizations often tell us that leaders struggle to apply what they have learned when faced with day-to-day leadership challenges. Maybe they have forgotten the tools, applying what they learned is too complex, or, quite simply, they lack the confidence to even try.

Whatever the reason, we know that leaders struggle with things like how to run an effective team meeting, how to provide candid feedback, or how to set clear expectations. When leaders face these roadblocks, coaching support in that moment can help them find the right approach and move forward with confidence.

CoachNOW provides just-in-time coaching, when leaders need it most. Our coaches have years of relevant leadership experience and are experts in providing leaders with practical strategies that work.

Leaders can schedule a 45-minute coaching session when they need it to connect with an expert who can guide them through the challenge they are facing right now

CoachSUITE: Mini Coaching Program

One-on-one coaching is an effective way to supercharge learning in your organization. While coaching is often geared towards longer-term behaviour change and transformation, many leaders need just a few sessions with an experienced coach to set them up for success.

Whether it’s a specific challenge they are facing, transitioning to a new role or needing a sounding board, CoachSUITE is designed to provide simple and effective strategies that leaders can apply immediately with success.  

It’s simple. Leaders provide us with a little bit of information about the coaching they are seeking, and we connect them with one of our expert coaches who has relevant experience to meet their objectives over a series of 4 hour-long virtual one-on-one sessions.  

Executive Coaching

When you support your executive leaders with coaching, you create far-reaching and lasting change. As executives take on this journey, they begin to show up differently in your organization, transforming how they work with their team and their peers. They also strengthen their inner game and clarify their sense of purpose, helping them lead with authenticity.

It can often feel lonely at the top. Our coaches are experienced business leaders who have sat in the executive chair and know the demands that leaders face at the executive level. They can serve as a thought partner, offering a different perspective and helping to reframe business challenges.

Our executive coaching programs can be tailored to support a range of development goals:

Tuning up performance

Even the strongest leaders can have one or two gaps that may be holding them back. Help them become more effective in their role by zeroing in on the behaviours that need to shift.

Accelerating development

Building a pipeline of talent for senior leadership roles can be a challenge. Move your high potentials up the learning curve faster and prepare them to lead at the executive level.

Transitioning to a new role

When leaders first move to the executive level or shift to a new role, they often find it difficult to leave the old behind. Support them in making the shift to focus on their new mandate.

Sparking transformation

How a leader shows up in their role can mold their impact in your organization. Give your leaders the opportunity to reflect on their current approach and start a transformative journey.