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LeadNOW 180°

We built the LeadNOW 180° assessment to help leaders bring out the best in themselves and their teams. Based on research and more than 35 years of experience in coaching leaders at all levels, we know that the key to driving results is to ensure that three specific team conditions are in place: alignment, execution and cohesion. The most effective leaders create these conditions by being intentional in their approach to driving results and having an accurate sense of the extent to which their intent in leading is aligned to how their team experiences their leadership.

The LeadNOW 180° assessment helps leaders shift their team to high performance by giving them insight into two critical components of effective leadership:

  • Their leadership style to understand the extent to which their approach to leading is effective and to bring light to any blind spots where the leader’s self-perception and their team’s perception are misaligned.
  • The key drivers of team performance, which identify targeted opportunities for the leader to enhance the performance of their people.

In a one-on-one debrief after the assessment, we review a detailed assessment report with the leader and work together to build a tangible plan that is actionable now for results now and long term. 

A few sample pages from the LeadNOW 180 report

Our full suite of assessments

In addition to our proprietary LeadNOW 180° tool, we offer a full suite of assessments covering a variety of domains including: competency-based 360°, implicit motives and values, CEO performance evaluations, and many other psychometric assessments. 

We work closely with organizations, teams, and individuals to understand your goals and choose an assessment that will give you the insights you need to get there.