Resilience @Work

When faced with adversity, we have a choice: become paralyzed or find a way to move forward. The Resilience @Work program gives individuals the tools they need to make forward progress despite the challenges they might be facing.

Resilience @Work shifts mindsets and habits

Reframe difficulty as a challenge to overcome

People who are resilient view failure and adversity as growth opportunities.

Create a deep commitment to a purpose

At the foundation of resilience, is a compelling reason to get up in the morning.

Maintain a sense of personal control

Resilient individuals focus on the things that they have the power to influence.

Build resilience and become empowered to move forward

Resilience @Work is a 90-minute small-group program that is facilitated virtually. 

Framework that is easy to implement

Participants learn an intuitive five-step approach to shifting their own thinking and behaviour that gets them on a path to success.

Interactive session for deeper engagement

The session size is kept small to give learners plenty of opportunities for rich discussion with their peers, for self-reflection, and for targeted support from the facilitator.

Action plan for sustaining development

All participants develop an action plan for implementing what they have learned that will help them sustain their development long after the program is over.

Meet the facilitator

Karen Calder

Headshot of Karen Calder

Karen Calder is a High Performance coach, consultant and facilitator. In 2015, Karen left an Executive HR role at a Fortune 500 Company and 25-year corporate career to start her own consulting, coaching and speaking practice specializing in motivation, change and performance.

Karen’s mission is to help individuals, teams and organizations achieve extraordinary results in a world of constant change. Karen believes that success is an inside game that requires self-awareness and a growth mindset.

When she is not teaching or coaching, Karen spends her time outdoors with her dog Bella, traveling, writing, networking and learning new things like painting, photography and yoga.


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