Leadership Development and Coaching

In the face of constant change and unrelenting competition, organizations need leaders who can facilitate strategy execution by building alignment, winning mindshare and growing the capabilities of people. Our passion for the practical gives leaders the right skills and tools at their fingertips, ensuring they are driving excellence in your business.


Targeted business coaching helps individuals grow professionally and elevate their contribution in your organization. We offer coaching solutions that not only develop individuals, but also supercharge your overall learning strategy. Our coaches work with individuals at all levels: from those who are preparing for their first leadership role, to those who have years of experience at the executive level.

Close alignment to individual and organizational goals

Every coaching assignment is unique. We take time to understand the needs of the organization and the individual, so that our coaching relationships are focused and spot-on.

Thought partnership for the realities of business

We focus on business coaching. Our coaches use their executive experience to connect with clients, serving not only as a coach, but as a thought partner and sounding board.

New insights uncovered with assessments

We carefully select assessments based on the needs of each coaching assignment, promoting self-reflection and sparking insight.

Impact that is sustained long after the coaching assignment is complete

Our approach is backed by a proven coaching methodology. We deliver lasting change, not temporary improvements.


In today’s fast-paced environment, leaders need strategies that are simple and effective. Focusing on practical tools, theLEADhub by Verity offers leadership development programs, coaching, and assessments that build the skills of leaders at every level, from those learning to lead to executives. 

Strategies that are effective in real workplaces, not just in theory

Our facilitators and coaches have years of relevant leadership experience, so they are focused on tools and strategies that are practical in real work environments.

Coaching programs for leaders at every level

From just-in-time coaching solutions to longer engagements, we meet leaders where they are now and help them get to where they want to be.

Assessments that promote self-reflection and inspire action

We work closely with organizations, teams, and individuals to understand your goals and choose an assessment that will give you the insights you need to reach those goals.

Commitment to supporting women in leadership

Our Women in Leadership series empowers women to find their voice, build their leadership presence, and increase their impact. It is a transformational experience built for women by women.

Talent Accelerator

Organizations spend significant resources creating talent development plans that are rarely executed. Talent Accelerator leverages your existing initiatives to provide regular and comprehensive development and visibility to your talent pool without added overhead.

Accelerated professional growth

Employees are connected to existing projects in your organization based on the skills they want to develop, creating more impactful and sustainable learning through on-the-job development.

Improved long-term planning with better talent visibility

Cross-functional development opportunities give employees insight into career paths within your organization and give executives more visibility into your rising talent.

Increased impact of classroom learning

Looking for what comes next after employees complete formal learning programs? Talent Accelerator gives them the chance to apply their newly-learned skills on the job.

More time for strategic and advisory activities

Talent Accelerator automatically matches employees to development opportunities making it easier for HR to manage development plans and freeing time for strategic activities.

Case Studies

Building Leadership Skills of a New Manager

Helping an individual who recently rose to a management role become more effective with our leadership development program, Lead from Within

Performance Enhancement Coaching

Working with a senior executive to deepen his leadership skills and communicate more effectively with direct reports