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Lead with authenticity and inspire followership by rewriting the story of who you are as a leader

At some point in their career, many executives find themselves at a crossroads: unsure of how to continue making an impact, what their legacy will be, or what is next after reaching the top levels of leadership. They realize that they have been swept along their career path, feeling inauthentic and seeking a purpose. 

Regaining their footing will require more than skills-based executive development. 

Verity’s program helps executives take control of who they are as a leader by developing their leadership narrative: the story that is at the heart of their leadership identity.

Based on a growing body of research that demonstrates the impact of narrative on executive performance, this one-of-a-kind program gives leaders energy around a purpose and brings clarity to the road ahead.  

The benefits of the program

The intensive experience takes a small cohort of executive leaders on a narrative-building journey that includes group coaching, one-on-one coaching, and fieldwork. It is not a journey that is for everyone, but for those who are ready, it delivers profound change. 

You will come away with:

  • A powerful narrative that is anchored in your true self
  • An authentic approach to leadership, with clarity of purpose and deeper engagement with others
  • Greater resilience to withstand the relentless pressures of executive leadership
  • The ability to leverage your narrative to put forth a compelling vision that will motivate your team
  • Research-based tools to sustain and expand your leadership narrative moving forward
  • A personal board of advisors that consists of like-minded executive peers

Who should attend

Building a personal leadership narrative through this program can have significant impact for:

  • Leaders on the succession path to executive roles within the next 3-4 years
  • Senior leaders transitioning to enterprise roles or expanded enterprise responsibilities
  • Executives interested in developing deeper authenticity in their leadership
  • Senior leaders looking to reenergize with a renewed sense of personal purpose
  • Late-career leaders looking to leave a legacy and give back
  • Executives in transition between roles who are looking for clarity on their path forward

The program roadmap

This executive development program guides you from the initial steps of building deeper self-understanding to completing and implementing your personal leadership narrative. The program spans 20 weeks and includes three phases:

Phase 1: Prepare for the journey

  • Clarify personal goals
  • Understand the foundations of leadership narrative
  • Connect with your cohort
  • Gather external feedback and complete assessments 

Phase 2: Build insight

  • Bring to light hidden drivers, strengths and core values
  • Discover the power of self-authoring tools
  • Consolidate core elements of your leadership narrative
  • Receive feedback from your peers
  • Strengthen and refine your story

Phase 3: Activate your narrative

  • Test your leadership narrative to identify gaps and opportunities
  • Develop ways to engage others with narrative

You will drive your own learning through data-gathering and analysis, coupled with guided reflection, one-on-one coaching, and peer discussion. The program includes:

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An assessment that gives insight into your motives as a leader

Eight hours of group coaching with your peers

Eight hours of one-on-one coaching with the program facilitator

Reflection activities to complete between sessions

We keep our cohorts small to enable meaningful connection and deep discussion. All sessions are virtual, making the program accessible from anywhere in the world. 

What participants are saying

“I now have more of a sense of purpose.  It has helped me realize that I can be courageous enough to speak my truth in a professional and personal role. For me, as a visible minority, I’ve tried to minimize the differences in my behavior that shows I’m different, even though visibly I am.  Now I feel I can make more deliberate choices for myself that don’t require ascribing to the dominant culture. With my leadership narrative, I am becoming more comfortable with that.”

“Developing my leadership narrative has provided me with a clearer voice, but also the insight of where I can add value. When you’re clear about your narrative you can think about what mission you want to serve.  My leadership narrative has helped me think about what I truly want to do and what teams I do and don’t want to work with. It’s been very grounding and empowering in terms of who I am.”

“My leadership narrative provides a framework that I can instantly pull on – I’m aware of what’s important to me, I pull the strengths and weaknesses I have as a leader. It gives me a much more holistic approach to decision-making.”

How it works

All program sessions are scheduled based on your availability, so there is no need to worry about conflicts in your calendar. Throughout the program, we’ll send you and your peers multiple options for when group and individual coaching sessions can be scheduled, so that we can book times that work for everyone.

Meet the facilitators

Headshot of Rick Lash

Rick Lash, Ph.D.

Rick brings over 30 years of experience working with senior leaders and their teams to accelerate learning and improve performance. He believes that by helping individuals realize their core purpose, they can transform themselves, their teams and their business. Recognized and valued for his deep expertise, thoughtfulness and engaging approach, Rick has served as an executive coach and trusted advisor for leading organizations across a range of industries in Canada, the United States and internationally. He is also a registered psychologist and publishes extensively on leadership, contributing to the Wall Street Journal, Chief Executive Magazine and the Harvard Business Review.

Christine Miners headshot

Christine Miners

As Managing Director, Christine oversees all aspects of Verity’s executive development, coaching and talent management services. An experienced talent and leadership development expert, Christine is passionate about making an impact by keeping it simple, tangible and practical. With more than 20 years of experience in senior leadership positions across a variety of industries, Christine brings extensive experience working with executive leaders and their teams to broaden their perspective and translate new thinking to actions and development plans that have impact.

Felix Langness Headshot

Felix Langness, Ph.D.

With over 20 years of experience working with clients across Europe, Felix has supported executives with his trustful, accepting, and scientifically-based approach to development. He is a top executive partner to board teams of stock-listed companies as well as senior leaders in mid-sized and large enterprises. Throughout his career, Felix has supported leaders in a wide range of industries including private equity, chemical, healthcare, industrial, consumer packaged goods, technology, fashion, and retail. As a facilitator and coach, Felix is inspiring and pragmatic. He enjoys getting in touch with people on a deeper level, understanding their perspective, and enabling them to see new opportunities.

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By submitting this form, you agree to have our team contact you about starting your program with Verity. Your information will not be used for other purposes or shared with third parties. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.