Transformational Coaching

The Challenge

The client had exceptional IQ but lagged in EQ, which was holding him back from moving to the next level despite being identified as a high potential executive. He had mixed sponsorship in the organization.

Self-awareness of how he came across and strengthening his soft skills were key development opportunities.

The Solution

To assist the client with building self-awareness, we used the Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA) 360 assessment, which focuses on 22 leadership measures, and the Behavioural Best Practices (BBP) 360 assessment, which creates a profile of relational, behavioural, and performance capacities in the workplace.

The assessment offered insight into the key areas of focus for the client around soft skills and people management capabilities. The client worked with his coach on learning new tactics for communication, collaboration, networking, motivating others, being more supportive of his peers, and building relationships.

The Result

The client shifted his approach and became more patient and collaborative, allowing healthy debate during problem solving and avoiding moving straight to his preferred solution. He began practicing new verbal and non-verbal communication styles to encourage participation, which ultimately built stronger buy-in within his team. These changes were noticed by Senior Executives, and he was receiving more positive feedback.

At the conclusion of the 6 month coaching assignment, he was offered a new role in another area of the company, where he continues to build his new leadership brand and sponsorship.

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6 months
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