Technology call centre closure

The Challenge

An organization in the technology sector engaged Verity’s Career Transition Services during a business restructuring that relocated its Edmonton and Ottawa customer call centres to the United States. The 1,500 employees who were affected had a 3-month working notice period during which time they needed to maintain call centre activities while preparing to transition the work to colleagues in the US.

The Solution

Verity provided a multifaceted 3-month program to all employees that was delivered onsite. All employees received one-on-one support from a dedicated career coach with the first meeting happening within two weeks of announcement day. Employees also had access to workshops on a variety of topics, including a session for international professionals and a session on networking that was delivered by a former company executive. To supplement the one-on-one support and the workshops, we brought in recruiters who promoted applicable positions that they had available.

The Result

Verity helped the organization maintain a high rate of retention over the working notice period, with an attrition rate of less than 2%. The call centre team maintained high productivity and customer satisfaction as operations were moved out of the country. At the end of the engagement, both the employees affected and the organization rated the services they received very highly.

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Organization Size

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Edmonton and Ottawa
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Employees Impacted