Building Leadership Skills of a New Manager

The Challenge

An employee at a small pharmaceutical company started out in a technical role that quickly grew into leading people. The transition to managing employees who were her former peers was challenging, and the employee was struggling to be assertive. She wanted to increase her effectiveness in her new leadership role and learn to navigate tough situations, particularly when handling conflict.

The Solution

To tackle these challenges, the employee needed to get a better understanding of what is driving the behaviour of her direct reports, peers, and leaders within the organization. She joined Lead from Within, an open enrollment program from theLEADhub by Verity, to work on these areas. The two-day program helps individuals understand their own and others’ motivations in the workplace and gives insight into how to leverage this understanding when working with others. This provides a foundation for having impact as a leader, using assertiveness effectively, and handling tough situations in the workplace.

Lead from Within gave the employee an opportunity to hear from others with different styles from her own and see those styles in action, which made her appreciate diverse motivations and recognize her own blind spots. She learned what drives different behaviors and how to reframe situations to align to a variety of underlying motivations and values.

The Result

Lead from Within helped the employee fundamentally change her approach as a leader. The program increased her empathy and gave her better insight into others’ motivations. She has become more adept at tuning her approach to individual styles, so that her message lands effectively. Getting a better handle on the motivations behind behavior, particularly around performance, has given her confidence in handling conflicts in the workplace. She is empowered by the progress she is making and looks forward to continued growth as an authentic leader.

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